Research Associate, Cape Town

Research Associate, Cape Town

May 3, 2018    

Cenfri is seeking a research associate to conduct and manage research and analysis, engage with our funders and manage the resourcing of a portfolio of research projects. Our research associates actively shape and conduct research, package research findings and present the findings to key stakeholders. You will contribute to the design and development of research project concepts and approaches, structure information and data into usable documents and control the quality of documents. In addition to training, recruiting and coaching team members, you’ll be responsible for project management, generating proposals and executing ad hoc operational tasks.


Are you the one we’re looking for?
  • You are a curious, intellectual and creative thinker, interested in achieving impact beyond yourself, and you have a sustained interest in solving real-world problems.
  • You have the patience to pursue impact over time by generating, sharing and applying insights.
  • You aspire to be wise rather than clever, and you enjoy an adventurous and entrepreneurial environment where you can balance work and life.
  • You bring inspiration and inspired points of view from diverse sources to help your teams and clients imagine new opportunities.
  • Having a curious mind, you naturally make connections between diverse fields and industries.
  • As a strategic thinker, you can synthesise specific insights and stories into impactful, well-articulated outputs.
  • You enjoy managing complex projects that deliver on objectives.
  • Being highly collaborative, you appreciate and learn from the perspectives of those who have different backgrounds and skills.
  • You’re excited by the opportunity to develop the skills of junior team members and to build a strong organisation that can deliver on its vision.
  • Three to five years’ experience in a research environment
  • Detailed knowledge of financial services (strongly preferred)
  • Experience in research and project design to solve problems while developing and empowering junior team members, including proposal development, resource management and talent management
  • Demonstrated ability to work flexibly and efficiently, exercising a balance between research rigor and nimble, project management
  • An ability to meet the demands of multiple clients simultaneously, balancing speed with quality and accuracy
  • A high comfort level in working within a self-directed culture and navigating ambiguity
  • A proven appetite for experimentation (While you have facility in a range of research methods, you are inventive and you value great inspiration over dogmatic adherence to process.)
  • A masters’ degree in economics, law/policy or related areas
Application instructions

If you identify with our values, are excited about impactful research and would like to contribute to our mission and vision, we would love to hear from you.

Please apply here and include the following:

  1. A CV with cover/motivation letter
  2. A writing sample of at least four to five pages
    (This should be your own individual work, not something produced in a team setting. The writing sample may be an extract from a larger document that you’ve produced.)
  3. Academic transcripts (including results for individual subjects) for all degree and post-graduate qualifications

Applications are open until 28 February 2019.

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