Now reading: Opportunities and challenges for the development of microinsurance in Ethiopia
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Opportunities and challenges for the development of microinsurance in Ethiopia
Conducted for the International Labour Organization (ILO) and United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) this Cenfri research project [...]
Making insurance markets work for the poor
To support the development of microinsurance markets a project was launched under the auspices of the International association of Insurance [...]
Implementing FATF standards in developing countries
This study was conducted by Genesis Analytics, with the participation of Cenfri members, under the guidance of a steering committee consisting of [...]
Making health insurance work for the low-income market in South Africa
This 2009 study identifies the main drivers of health insurance costs in South Africa, as well as strategies that could be used to reduce these costs [...]
Zimbabwe-Johannesburg remittance corridor
Zimbabwe is heavily reliant on remittance flows from South Africa and particularly Johannesburg. As many Zimbabweans are undocumented, they cannot [...]
Demand-side analysis of medical schemes market in South Africa
In the early 2000s, South Africa achieved remarkable progress in the area of financial inclusion for lower-income households, specifically in the [...]
Microinsurance development in Zambia: A market and regulatory analysis
This 2009 study considers the opportunities and challenges for microinsurance development in Zambia. It develops a comprehensive understanding of the [...]
Opportunities and challenges for the intermediation of microinsurance in South Africa
South Africa is faced with the challenge of extending insurance products to low-income individuals. At the time of the research the insurance sector [...]
Regulatory review of formal and informal funeral insurance markets in South Africa
The need to provide for funerals is one of the key drivers of financial behaviour for many South Africans and has led to a relatively sophisticated [...]