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Read our latest research exploring key issues in financial sector development
Sustainable data collection: Mobile modes
Discover new technologies that enable more sustainable data collection.Sustainable data collection is a central concern for all [...]
Cross-border remittances
The World Bank estimated that in 2016 remittances from migrant workers to developing countries will be worth USD 440 billion. More than twice that of [...]
Understanding account usage through a consumer lens
Over the past five years, the move towards digital financial services and simplified account opening procedures has improved the take-up of accounts [...]
Spatial Data 2016
Spatial Data for Business Intelligence workshop proceedings.Insight2impact (i2i) in collaboration with Financial Sector Deepening Tanzania (FSDT) [...]
Building sustainable geospatial data resources
Where we are with the collection and use of GIS data.The purpose of this paper is to present the potential value that geospatial data has [...]
Getting the basics of demand-side surveys right
This report provides an overview of innovations and best practice in data collection.The aim of this report is to provide organisations and [...]
GIS4FI i2i Communities of Practice #2
The second gis4FI community of practice knowledge-sharing.In the previous call, community of practice members focused on ways to promote maximum [...]
Using consumer insights to unlock the potential of financial inclusion
If we move away from a one-dimensional view of financial inclusion as the percentage of adults with a formal bank account, we find that formal [...]
Why digital payments are not replacing cash
Globally, the financial inclusion agenda has focused on migrating consumers, providers and governments to digital payment instruments, in a bid to [...]
GIS community of practice
The first GIS-focused community of practice knowledge-sharing session on 26 November 2015 focused on ways to promote maximum usage of geospatial [...]