Now reading: Understanding account usage through a consumer lens
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Read our latest research exploring key issues in financial sector development
Understanding account usage through a consumer lens
Over the past five years, the move towards digital financial services and simplified account opening procedures has improved the take-up of accounts [...]
Spatial Data 2016
Spatial Data for Business Intelligence workshop proceedings. Insight2impact (i2i) in collaboration with Financial Sector Deepening Tanzania (FSDT) [...]
Building sustainable geospatial data resources
Where we are with the collection and use of GIS data. The purpose of this paper is to present the potential value that geospatial data has [...]
Getting the basics of demand-side surveys right
This report provides an overview of innovations and best practice in data collection. The aim of this report is to provide organisations and [...]
GIS4FI i2i Communities of Practice #2
The second gis4FI community of practice knowledge-sharing. In the previous call, community of practice members focused on ways to promote maximum [...]
Using consumer insights to unlock the potential of financial inclusion
If we move away from a one-dimensional view of financial inclusion as the percentage of adults with a formal bank account, we find that formal [...]
Why digital payments are not replacing cash
Globally, the financial inclusion agenda has focused on migrating consumers, providers and governments to digital payment instruments, in a bid to [...]
GIS community of practice
The first GIS-focused community of practice knowledge-sharing session on 26 November 2015 focused on ways to promote maximum usage of geospatial [...]
Customer views on abuses in the informal funeral parlour market in South Africa
Funeral parlours and burial societies deliver value to consumers by meeting essential functional needs, but also by meeting social and cultural [...]
Why bank account access does not translate into usage
Underlying the global financial inclusion agenda is the assumption that providing access to and ownership of bank accounts will improve the lives of [...]