Terms of Reference: Consultancy to Develop a Data Catalogue and Data Classification Framework

Terms of Reference: Consultancy to Develop a Data Catalogue and Data Classification Framework

9 February, 2022    

The Rwanda Economy Digitalisation Programme is a three-year initiative to support a sustained shift to an inclusive, digitalised economy. It involves all stakeholders to leverage insights from data analysis to improve policymaking, catalyse innovation and, ultimately, improve livelihoods.

This programme, which is hosted by the Government of Rwanda (GoR) through the Ministry of ICT and Innovation (MINICT), is driven by a partnership, with technical support from Cenfri and financial support from the Mastercard Foundation. It builds on work undertaken by Rwandan agencies in partnership with Cenfri over the last five years to better use data to advance financial-sector development and economic inclusion in the country. The Data Hub for the programme is intended to be hosted by the Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA). RISA is therefore a primary recipient of the work to be undertaken under this project.

An important component of the programme is to enable data-driven decision-making to ultimately reduce poverty, improve livelihoods and promote financial inclusion through a three-pronged approach:

  • Making data and trend analysis easily accessible
  • Supporting the application of data to policy actions, and
  • Accompanying public sector staff to use data-driven approaches on the job through targeted upskilling

Currently, significant amounts of data are collected in Rwanda but are not optimised for decision-making. By establishing a “Data Hub” and growing the local skills required for its utilisation, this programme will enable a significant and sustained transition to evidence-based policymaking, supporting and informing policymakers to better target government services to reach the most vulnerable and promote an inclusive approach to digital transformation.

The GoR recognises the value of using data to inform, measure and monitor national policy implementation. As part of the programme, Cenfri has received several requests from Rwandan stakeholders which have highlighted the need to better understand and catalogue the current data assets owned by the different Ministries and statutory agencies of the GoR. As such, Cenfri is looking for a consultant to support a review of internal government data assets, by creating an initial data catalogue of the data currently held by the GoR and develop a framework of relevant data classification and metrics that ensure the effective and efficient use of this data.

For more information, download the TOR here.


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