Private: Terms of Reference: Qualitative research service providers in Rwanda

Private: Terms of Reference: Qualitative research service providers in Rwanda

16 January, 2023    

Cenfri is commissioning a qualitative consumer research provider to conduct primary consumer research in Rwanda. These terms of reference (ToR) outline the scope and objectives for the qualitative research and set out the roles and responsibilities of the various parties.

The Rwanda Economy Digitalisation (RED) programme is a three-year initiative to support a sustained shift to an inclusive, digitalised economy. The programme, which is hosted by the Rwandan Ministry of ICT and Innovation (MinICT) and implemented by Cenfri[1], is driven by a partnership with the Government of Rwanda and supported by the Mastercard Foundation. It builds on work[2] undertaken over the last five years to better use data to advance financial-sector development and economic inclusion in the country. The purpose of the programme is to demonstrate the value of data analysis to support the public policy agenda, with particular reference to payments digitisation.

Though much of the programme is centred on discovering and analysing large datasets held by various government entities to extract policy-relevant insights, deriving meaningful insights also calls for a qualitative understanding of the realities, preferences and perceptions of people and merchants on the ground. To this end, the programme also includes qualitative consumer research. This is the third round of qualitative research undertaken by the RED program.


[1] Cenfri works with policymakers by leveraging insights from data analysis to improve policymaking, catalyse innovation, and ultimately, improve livelihoods.

[2] For more information on the work conducted under the i2i programme, see:

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