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Lemmy Manje
Lemmy is the Founding Partner and CEO of  [...]
Nigel Bowman
Nigel is a highly experienced actuary and insurance professional. Prior to joining Inclusivity Solutions, he ran an independent actuarial consultanc [...]
Iske van den Berg
Iske is a qualitative research specialist with 25 years’ experience. Her work predominantly focuses on financial, socio-political, multilingualism [...]
Wicus Coetzee
Wicus is an independent consultant who works closely with Cenfri and who has been part of the team since January 2015. He specialises in data analysis [...]
John Symington
John is the owner and director of Compliance & Risk Resources (Pty) Ltd, which has, over the last 16 years, delivered consulting products and serv [...]
John Steytler
John is the Director of Economic Research at Bank of Namibia. He is a former Namibian presidential economic advisor, Statistician-General at Namibia S [...]
Maya Makanjee
Maya was the former CEO of FinMark Trust, and prior to that, Corporate Affairs Director at SAB Miller and Nestle. Maya is also a non-executive direct [...]
Prega Ramsamy
Prega was the CEO of FinMark Trust and the second Executive Secretary of the Southern African Development Community.  He served as Special Advis [...]
Louis de Koker
Louis was a founding director and previous board member of Cenfri. He is currently a consultant at CGAP and a professor of law at La Trobe University, [...]
Anne-Marie Chidzero
Anne-Marie was the original chair of the Cenfri Board. She is currently the Chief Information Officer of FSD Africa Investments, the investme [...]