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COVID-19 Response

Alongside organisations from around the world, Cenfri is committed to do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19. All our staff are working from home and we have suspended all travel for the moment. We are also actively looking for ways in which we can assist in limiting any unnecessary economic impacts on already vulnerable emerging economies and to apply our development efforts to build towards more resilient households and economies. We shall continue to work directly with partners and stakeholders to develop innovative and alternative ways to pursue our shared development objectives.

This is an extraordinary time in history as much of the world is focused on responding to a single challenge, and it is therefore an opportunity for us to learn from and support each other where possible. COVID-19’s direct and indirect impact on economic development will undoubtedly be significant. While our normal ways of work are challenged, we also need to double our development efforts. Cenfri will seek to use the tools at our disposal to contribute to managing the impact of the crisis on people, particularly those in developing countries. We are not slowing down, and we look forward to connecting with you during this time of innovation.

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