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Data and Analytics

The smarter use of data plays a role in all aspects of economic inclusion. Innovative and cost-effective ways to collect, store and analyse data can improve strategic decision-making and enable more client-centric and inclusive product design.

Increasing access and lowering the cost of up-to-date, high-quality traditional and alternative data and can unlock a range of insights to solve challenges.

  • Geospatial data can provide insights on a particular area, such as  financial access points.
  • Analysis of existing transaction data allows tailored financial solutions and new insights on people’s financial behaviour.
  • Machine learning can better assess creditworthiness for clients with no official credit history, and shared client data can open the door to additional services that improve client value.

These developments can enable financial service providers, policymakers and impact investors to optimise the impact of their work through the use of data.

Our work connects decision-makers with the data they need by building on, and showcasing, the existing knowledge base of financial inclusion data and collaborating with a wide range of partners.

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