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Alternative data

Exploring how different types of alternative and traditional data can solve challenges. 

Inclusive insurance enhanced through the use of client data
How different types of alternative and traditional client data solve key challenges in inclusive insurance p [...]
A woman’s financial life: Does traditional data get it?
Whereas financial inclusion has seen a steady increase over the past few years, this positive trend has not necessarily taken women along. A [...]
Optimising the analytical power of GIS data
Webinar #4. The aim is to extend the conversation from the previous webinar which was focused on spatial data collection sustainability to the analyt [...]
Branch case study: Exploring the potential of alternative data for creating new markets
Exploring the potential of alternative data for creating new markets. Financial service prov [...]
The tip of the (data) iceberg in Uganda
Faith owns a small fruit-selling business in Uganda. Like most small business owners in Uganda, Faith started her enterprise with her own income and l [...]
The data effects of mobile money in Uganda
As you leave Kampala and its busy streets, you head into rural Uganda where you exchange small shops and boda-bodas for plots of coffee, maize, goats [...]
Deriving value from spatial data
Megan Yates - Ixioanalytics insight2impact (i2ifacility) was funded by  [...]
Geospatial data key for financial inclusion in Nigeria
Central Bank of Nigeria. [...]
Spatial data utilisation is key
Richard Yego from Airtel Uganda on knowledge sharing and best practice. [...]
Farming for data in Kenya
Thoughts from the first event in the #DataHacks4FI meet-up series in Nairobi [...]