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1st Consultative Forum Jakarta, Indonesia

1st Consultative Forum Jakarta, Indonesia

14 November, 2013    

It has now been five years since the findings from the original five A2ii microinsurance diagnostics in Colombia, India, the Philippines, South Africa and Uganda were synthesised and key themes extracted and disseminated through a series of focus notes. The process elicited insights into how regulation affected the evolution of these microinsurance markets and provided a guide for policy-makers, regulators and supervisors looking to support the development of microinsurance in their jurisdiction.

Since then, diagnostic studies have been rolled out in more than 10 further countries, prompting the A2ii to embark on a new round of cross-country synthesis to extract key overarching themes. This cross-country synthesis is conducted by Cenfri on behalf of FinMark Trust and with co-funding from GIZ. It comprises two outputs:

  • Identifying evolving microinsurance business models and their regulatory implications.
  • Analysing the overall regulatory approaches to catalyse microinsurance market development, considering what triggers each specific approach so as to inform regulators and supervisors in the decision of what the most appropriate approach would be in their context.

The findings from the first output were presented by Stefanie Zinsmeyer of the A2ii at the first Consultative Forum facilitated by Véronique Faber and hosted by the Microinsurance Network and the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) in Jakarta, Indonesia on Tuesday, 12 November 2013.

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The findings are also used as input to the forthcoming IAIS Issues Paper on Market Conduct, Distribution and Consumer Protection in Inclusive Insurance Markets.

November 12, 2013 -
Jakarta, Indonesia