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Our team

Our team and associates share a common vision to unlock development outcomes through insights. Our joint efforts, together with our partners, amplifies the reach and impact of our collective work.
Doubell Chamberlain
Founder and Managing Director

Doubell is the founder and managing director of Cenfri. He has extensi [...]
Steph van der Westhuizen
Chief Operating Officer

Steph is responsible for Cenfri's enablement function, which comprises [...]
Mia Thom
Director of Insights

Mia has extensive experience in how to regulate for innovation and inn [...]
Hennie Bester
Programme Director

Hennie is an experienced public policy strategist working towards an i [...]
Christine Hougaard
Technical Director

Christine has deep experience in market diagnostics (financial inclusi [...]
Barry Cooper
Technical Director

Barry has detailed knowledge in t [...]
Louise de Villiers
Programme Manager for Insights

Louise specialises in survey methodology, questionnaire design and dat [...]
Masiiwa Rusare
Integrity Team Lead

Masiiwa manages research, policy and reg [...]
Jeremy Gray
Resilience Team Lead

Jeremy leads the resilience team and he is focused on better understan [...]
David Saunders
Partnerships and Impact Lead

David brings together partners and teams to amplify the reach and impa [...]
Ntsako Ngobeni
Data Engineer

Ntsako, who joined Cenfri as a Data Engineer in January 2022, [...]
Edwin Byusa
Capacity Building Lead

Edwin has fourteen years experience development with a focus on capaci [...]
Fiacre Mushimire Niyigena
Digital Transformation Policy Lead

Fiacre has over 15 years’ experience in emerging technologies policy [...]
Alessandro Nava
Programme Lead

Alessandro works with private and public sector entities to fully capi [...]
Karen Kühlcke
Strategy, Growth and Impact Manager

Karen focuses on the external environment and market intelligence and [...]
Antonia Esser
Engagement Manager

Antonia focuses on payments: remittances regulation and infrastructure [...]
Albert van der Linden
Engagement Manager

Albert leads the data competency at Cenfri, which aims to enable publi [...]
Kate Rinehart-Smit
Engagement Manager

Kate Rinehart-Smit is an Engagement Manager for Cenfri’s Resilience [...]
Rashid Muhammad
Engagement Manager

Rashid is an experienced financial services practitioner with a focus [...]
Matthew Ferreira
Senior Associate

Matthew's work focuses on shaping the global AML/CFT space in a ma [...]
Roxanne Wylie
Business Intelligence Designer

Roxanne joined Cenfri in 2021 as a Business Intelligence Designer in o [...]
Nichola Beyers

Nichola has been involved in a number of digital transformation projec [...]
Andrew Partridge

Andrew joined Cenfri in 2021 after working previously as an economist [...]
Michaella Allen

Michaella has worked in the Payments and Re [...]
Matthew Dunn

Since joining in 2018, Matthew been involved in research around region [...]
Pieter Janse van Vuuren

Since Pieter joined Cenfri’s Risk team in February 2018, his work ha [...]
Lucia Schlemmer
Senior Research Analyst

Lucia Schlemmer is a Senior Researcher at Cenfri and joined the team i [...]
Fabrice Gatwabuyege
Senior Research Analyst

Fabrice Gatwabuyege is a senior researcher in the Integrity team at Ce [...]
Lezanne Janse van Vuuren
Senior Research Analyst

Lezanne joined Cenfri in January 2020 and is currently working as a se [...]
Victor Pérez-Bobadilla
Senior Research Analyst

Victor joined Cenfri in 2021 with a passion for using data and behavio [...]
Kinyanjui Mungai
Senior Research Analyst

Kinyanjui Mungai is a Senior Research Analyst currently working in the [...]
Karien Scribante
Research Analyst

Karien joined Cenfri as a research intern in October 2019 and is now a [...]
Georgina Borros
Research Analyst

Georgina joined Cenfri at the beginning of 2021 as a research analyst. [...]
Sasha Lünsche
Research Analyst

Sasha joined Cenfri in March 2021 as a re [...]
Sophie Gebers
Research Analyst

Before joining Cenfri in January 2022 as a Research Analyst, Sophie wo [...]
James Marriner
Research Analyst

Prior to joining Cenfri as a Research Analyst in January 2022, James w [...]
Antoine Fourié
Creative and Internal Comms Lead

Antoine is an applied linguist, specialised in English language editin [...]
Sarah Goodier
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer

Sarah started as Cenfri’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) [...]
Eden D’Oliveira
Communications Associate

Eden joined Cenfri as Digital Communications Coordinator within the Kn [...]
Estelle Williams
Digital Communications Specialist

Estelle joined Cenfri as the Digital Communications Specialist within [...]
Bryanah Marais
Digital Communications Coordinator

Bryanah joined Cenfri in April 2019 as an Editorial and Communications [...]
Lisa Rossouw
Visual Content Designer

Lisa is the production manager and in-house design consultant, also pr [...]
Melanie Fairhurst
Content Editor and Writing Coach

Melanie joined Cenfri in 2019 as part of the Knowledge Management team [...]
Tessa Kock
Operational Support Manager

Tessa has been part of the Cenfri team since 2009. She has more than [...]
Megan Gorridon
Human Resource Manager

Megan has been part of the Cenfri team since June 2019, as the Human R [...]
Linda Stanford
In-house Accountant

Linda joined Cenfri at the beginning of 2016. Besides being the in-hou [...]
Ntombizonke Notyalwa
Assistant Accountant

Ntombizonke joined Cenfri in November 2019 as an Assistant Accountant, [...]
Gillian Lovatte
Project Portfolio Coordinator

Born and bred in Cape Town, Gillian joined Cenfri in 2017 as a Project [...]
Ismail Samsodien
HR Generalist

Ismail joined Cenfri in January 2019. As a member of our Enablement te [...]
Linet Engelbrecht
Travel Desk and Office Manager

Before joining Cenfri in 2013, Linet worked in public relations for se [...]
Amanda Schoeman
Personal Assistant

Amanda  joined Cenfri in February 2016. She has nearly 40 years’ se [...]
Thirza Stevens
Personal Assistant

Thirza joined Cenfri in August 2018 as the personal assistant to the m [...]
Lemmy Manje

Lemmy is the Founding Partner and CEO of  [...]
Nigel Bowman

Nigel is a highly experienced actuary and insurance professional. Prio [...]
Iske van den Berg

Iske is a qualitative research specialist with 25 years’ experienc [...]
Wicus Coetzee

Wicus is an independent consultant who works closely with Cenfri and w [...]
John Symington

John is the owner and director of Compliance & Risk Resources (Pty [...]
Louis de Koker

Louis was a founding director and previous board member of Cenfri. He [...]
Anja Smith

Anja Smith joined Cenfri in 2008 as one of its founding staff members. [...]
Rochelle Jacobs

Rochelle has spent the past three years working as a behavioural pract [...]
Vera Neugebauer

Vera currently specialises in the fields of payments and inclusive fin [...]
Doubell Chamberlain
Founder and Managing Director

Doubell is the founder and managing director of Cenfri. He has extensi [...]
Shungu Chirunda
Chair of the Cenfri Board

Shungu is the new Chair of the Cenfri Board. She brings a wealth of ex [...]
Olayinka David-West
Board member

Professor Olayinka David-West is an Information Systems professional w [...]
Meshach Aziakpono
Board member

Meshach is a non-executive board member of Cenfri and a professor of [...]
Raimund Snyders
Board member

Raimund is a Partner at Leapfrog Investments who brings to bear his ex [...]
Sharron McPherson
Board member

Sharron is a non-executive board member of Cenfri and former Wall Stre [...]
Lesiba Mothata
Board member

Lesiba is a non-executive board member of Cenfri and the Chief Econom [...]
Herman Singh
Board member

Herman is an innovative business thinker and a high impact player who [...]
John Steytler

John is the Director of Economic Research at Bank of Namibia. He is a [...]
Maya Makanjee

Maya was the former CEO of FinMark Trust, and prior to that, Corporate [...]
Prega Ramsamy

Prega was the CEO of FinMark Trust and the second Executive Secre [...]
Louis de Koker

Louis was a founding director and previous board member of Cenfri. He [...]
Anne-Marie Chidzero
Former Chair

Anne-Marie was the original chair of the Cenfri Board. She is  [...]
Hennie Bester
Programme Director

Hennie is an experienced public policy strategist working towards an i [...]
Frik Landman
Former Chair

Frik is the former Chair of the Cenfri Board. In January 2005, he was [...]
Craig Churchill

Craig has over 20 years’ microfinance experience, in both developed [...]
Andrew le Roux

Andrew is a qualified actuary who spent 20 years at Old Mutual before [...]