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Our team

Our team shares a common vision, committed to our mission of unlocking development outcomes through insights.
Doubell Chamberlain
Founder and Managing Director

Doubell is the founder and managing director of Cenfri. He has extensi [...]
Hennie Bester
Director and insight2impact Lead

Hennie is a passionate leader and ex [...]
Barry Cooper
Technical Director

Since June 2013, Barry has been collaborating with Cenfri on its retai [...]
Christine Hougaard
Technical Director

Christine has been part of the Cenfri team since 2008, with deep exper [...]
Mia Thom
Director of Insights

Mia has been part of the Cenfri team since [...]
Steph van der Westhuizen
Chief Operating Officer

Since June 2015, Steph has been responsible for Cenfri's enablement fu [...]
Louise de Villiers
Programme Manager for Insights

Louise specialises in survey methodology, questionnaire design and dat [...]
Masiiwa Rusare
Integrity Team Lead

Masiiwa is currently the Integrity Team Lead at Cenfri. He manages r [...]
Jeremy Gray
Resilience Team Lead

Jeremy leads the resilience team at Cenfri and has been at Cenfri sinc [...]
David Saunders
Partnerships and Impact Lead

Before  joining Cenfri in 2012, David worked as a fellow at the ILO M [...]
Karen Kühlcke
Strategy, Growth and Impact Manager

Karen focuses on the external environment and market intelligence and [...]
Alessandro Nava
Engagement Manager

Alessandro works on helping financial providers apply behavioural scie [...]
Antonia Esser
Engagement Manager

Antonia has been part of the Cenfri team since April 2016. Her main re [...]
Albert van der Linden
Engagement Manager

Albert is an Engagement Manager at Cenfri and has been part of the tea [...]
Kate Rinehart-Smit
Engagement Manager

Kate Rinehart-Smit is an Engagement Manager for Cenfri’s Resilience [...]
Rashid Muhammad
Engagement Manager

Rashid joined Cenfri in 2021 as the EM fo [...]
Nichola Beyers

Nichola Beyers works as a research associate within the [...]
Andrew Partridge

Andrew joined Cenfri in 2021 after working previously as an economist [...]
Matthew Ferreira

Matthew joined Cenfri in 2017 and he now works as a research associate [...]
Michaella Allen

Michaella [...]
Matthew Dunn

Matthew started  as a research analyst at Cenfri in 2018. Since joini [...]
Pieter Janse van Vuuren
Senior Researcher

Since Pieter joined Cenfri’s Risk team in February 2018, his work ha [...]
Lucia Schlemmer
Senior Researcher

Lucia Schlemmer is a Senior Researcher at Cenfri and joined the team i [...]
Fabrice Gatwabuyege
Senior Researcher

Fabrice Gatwabuyege is a senior researcher in the Integrity team at Ce [...]
Lezanne Janse van Vuuren
Senior Researcher

Lezanne joined Cenfri in January 2020 and is currently working as a se [...]
Kinyanjui Mungai

After interning for 10 months at Cenfri in the Integrity team, Kinyanj [...]
Nomahlubi Mavikela

Nomahlubi joined Cenfri in January 2020 as a research analyst within t [...]
Mishkah Abrahams

Mishkah started as a Researcher in the Digital World team in January 2 [...]
Karien Scribante

Karien joined Cenfri as a research intern in October 2019 and is now a [...]
Georgina Borros

Georgina joined Cenfri at the beginning of 2021 as a researcher. Pr [...]
Sasha Lünsche

Sasha joined Cenfri in March 2021 as a re [...]
Lelethu Bodlani
Research Assistant

Lelethu joined Cenfri in 2019 as part of the Cenfri bursary programme [...]
Antoine Fourié
Creative and Internal Comms Lead

Antoine is an applied linguist, specialised in English language editin [...]
Sarah Goodier
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer

Sarah started as Cenfri’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) [...]
Eden D’Oliveira
Communications Associate

Eden joined Cenfri as Digital Communications Coordinator within the Kn [...]
Estelle Williams
Digital Communications Specialist

Estelle joined Cenfri as the Digital Communications Specialist within [...]
Bryanah Marais
Digital Communications Coordinator

Bryanah joined Cenfri in April 2019 as an Editorial and Communications [...]
Lisa Bruwer
Visual Content Designer

Lisa joined the Knowledge Management team as an intern in November 201 [...]
Melanie Fairhurst
Content Editor and Writing Coach

Melanie joined Cenfri in 2019 as part of the Knowledge Management team [...]
Tessa Kock
Financial Controller

Tessa has been part of the Cenfri team since 2009. She has more than [...]
Megan Gorridon
Human Resource Manager

Megan has been part of the Cenfri team since June 2019, as the Human R [...]
Linda Stanford
In-house Accountant

Linda joined Cenfri at the beginning of 2016. Besides being the in-hou [...]
Ntombizonke Notyalwa
Assistant Accountant

Ntombizonke joined Cenfri in November 2019 as an Assistant Accountant, [...]
Alexandrea van Roodt
RRI Programmes Administrator

Alexandrea joined Cenfri in April 2019 as Programmes Administrator for [...]
Gillian Lovatte
Project Portfolio Coordinator

Born and bred in Cape Town, Gillian joined Cenfri in 2017 as a Project [...]
Ismail Samsodien
HR Generalist

Ismail joined Cenfri in January 2019. As a member of our Enablement te [...]
Linet Engelbrecht
Travel Desk and Office Manager

Before joining Cenfri in 2013, Linet worked in public relations for se [...]
Amanda Schoeman
Personal Assistant

Amanda  joined Cenfri in February 2016. She has nearly 40 years’ se [...]
Thirza Stevens
Personal Assistant

Thirza joined Cenfri in August 2018 as the personal assistant to the m [...]
Marie Gouws

When Marie joined Cenfri in February 2015, she had worked as a recepti [...]
Lemmy Manje

Lemmy is the Founding Partner and CEO of  [...]
Nigel Bowman

Nigel is a highly experienced actuary and insurance professional. Prio [...]
Iske van den Berg

Iske is a qualitative research specialist with 25 years’ experienc [...]
Wicus Coetzee

Wicus is an independent consultant who works closely with Cenfri and w [...]
John Symington

John is the owner and director of Compliance & Risk Resources (Pty [...]
Louis de Koker

Louis was a founding director and previous board member of Cenfri. He [...]
Anja Smith

Anja Smith joined Cenfri in 2008 as one of its founding staff members. [...]
Rochelle Jacobs

Rochelle has spent the past three years working as a behavioural pract [...]