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Our team

Our team shares a common vision and DNA, committed to our mission of unlocking development outcomes through insights.
Doubell Chamberlain
Founder and Managing Director

Doubell is the founder and managing director of Cenfri. He has extensi [...]
Hennie Bester

Hennie specialises in the analysis of markets for financial inclusion [...]
Christine Hougaard
Technical Director

Christine has been part of the Cenfri team since 2008. She finds the i [...]
Mia Thom
Technical Director

Mia is a Technical Director, leading Cenfri’s Risk for development p [...]
Barry Cooper
Technical Director

Since June 2013, Barry has been collaborating with Cenfri on its retai [...]
Steph van der Westhuizen
Chief Operating Officer

Since June 2015, Steph has been responsible for Cenfri's enablement fu [...]
Louise de Villiers
Deputy Programme Lead

Louise specialises in survey methodology, questionnaire design and dat [...]
Jeremy Gray
Senior Engagement Manager

As  a member of the Cenfri team since 2012, Jeremy has worked on a nu [...]
David Saunders
Senior Engagement Manager

Before  joining Cenfri in 2012, David worked as a fellow at the ILO M [...]
Masiiwa Rusare
Engagement Manager

Masiiwa is currently the Engagement Manager at Cenfri. He manages rese [...]
Antoine Fourié
Brand and Editorial Manager

Antoine is and applied linguist, specialised in English language editi [...]
Chernay Johnson
Engagement Manager

Chernay is an Engagement Manager in the Client Insights division of [...]
Mari-Lise du Preez
Partnerships Manager

As Partnerships Manager for i2i, Mari-Lise puts her interest in networ [...]
Albert van der Linden
Senior Research Associate

Since joining Cenfri in January 2015, Albert has been involved with Ma [...]
Antonia Esser
Senior Research Associate

Antonia has been part of the Cenfri team since April 2016. Her main re [...]
Karen Kühlcke
Content Curator

Karen joined Cenfri in 2017 as the content curator for the i2i facilit [...]
Kate Rinehart
Research Associate

Since joining Cenfri in 2016, Kate has been involved in projects spann [...]
Nolwazi Hlophe
Senior Researcher

Nolwazi is a senior research analyst at [...]
Leonard Makuvaza
Senior Researcher

Leonard’s primary focus at i2i is to develop measurement frameworks [...]
Renée Hunter
Senior Researcher

Renée’s research to date has focused mainly on client centricity an [...]
Nichola Beyers
Senior Researcher

Nichola Beyers works as a senior researcher within the [...]
Matthew Ferreira
Senior Researcher

Matthew joined Cenfri in 2017 and he now works as a senior researcher. [...]
Michaella Allen
Senior Researcher

Michaella started as a research analyst at Cenfri in 2018. Since joini [...]
Matthew Dunn
Senior Researcher

Matthew started  as a research analyst at Cenfri in 2018. Since joini [...]
Eden D’Oliveira
Communications Coordinator

Eden joined Cenfri as Digital Communications Coordinator within the Kn [...]
Fabrice Gatwabuyege

Fabrice Gatwabuyege is a research analyst in the [...]
Pieter Janse van Vuuren

Since Pieter joined Cenfri’s Risk team in February 2018, his work ha [...]
Jana de Waal

Jana joined Cenfri [...]
Lucia Schlemmer

Lucia Schlemmer is a research analyst at [...]
Lisa Bruwer

Lisa joined Cenfri as an editorial intern in November 2016. She is now [...]
Tessa Kock
Financial Controller

Tessa has been part of the Cenfri team since 2009. She has more than [...]
Linda Stanford
In-house Accountant

Linda joined Cenfri at the beginning of 2016. Besides being the in-hou [...]
Gillian Lovatte
Project Portfolio Coordinator

Born and bred in Cape Town, Gillian joined Cenfri in 2017 as a Project [...]
Linet Engelbrecht
Office Manager

Before joining Cenfri in 2013, Linet worked in public relations for se [...]
Marie Gouws

When Marie joined Cenfri in February 2015, she had worked as a recepti [...]
Amanda Schoeman
Personal Assistant

Amanda  joined Cenfri in February 2016. She has nearly 40 years’ se [...]
Thirza Stevens
Personal Assistant

Thirza joined Cenfri in August 2018 as the personal assistant to the m [...]
Anja Smith

Anja Smith joined Cenfri in 2008 as one of its founding staff members. [...]
Andre Swanepoel

In his 45-year career, Andre has worked in the insurance and banking i [...]