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Our reach

Who we reach with our work and how we reach them is critical for us to be able to make a difference. We consider our reach to include what research outputs we produce, who we reach with our events and activities as well as who we partner with.

We track our reach, to learn from where we have come from and to remain true to our mission. Our project work forms the building blocks of our overall trajectory to making a lasting impact and we draw on the expertise of our in-house monitoring, evaluation and learning specialist to capture this journey.

Below are snapshots of our achievements to date in terms of the work we produce and through our ongoing collaboration with development partners and peers.

As we continue to generate, share and apply research related to financial sector development and the digital economy, these indicators form a part of our ongoing effort to share our journey for collaborative learning.

Research outputs produced.
Explore our publicly available resources, from reports to videos.

People we have reached with our work.
Sharing knowledge through workshops, conferences and digital forums

Decision-makers reached with capacity-building.
Sharing our expertise with policymakers, regulators and development partners

Organisations we have worked with to date.
Connect and explore our network

This page is updated periodically – the last update was completed in June 2020.