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Our reach

How we measure success and learns from experience

We measure the reach and impact of our work to better understand where we are making a difference and, when we are not, what we need to change. We’ve made some of our reflections public through our Openi2i learning series and our Risk, Remittances and Integrity (RRI) infographic.

We continue to record evidence on impact even after projects are completed, as we have learned that impact has a long tail end that extends well beyond a specific project lifespan. For example, with our insurance work we continue to keep track of how regulators and policymakers have gone on to apply the insights rendered, through, for example, changes to guidelines and the frameworks that they use in their product approval processes. 

Our recent achievements
In our RRI and insight2impact (i2i) programmes, our impact cycle rendered the following results:

  • We helped financial service providers improve products for over 361,000 people
  • Our inputs and engagements with regulators as well as regional and global bodies have changed 12 guidelines, frameworks and regulations across Africa, Asia and Latin America
  • We have run 23 data and innovation competitions across 10 African countries
  • We helped to upskill and train 750 regulators
  • We supported 74 private-sector business models 
  • We reached 669 young data enthusiasts and facilitated training for 108 in data science
  • We fostered 26 partnerships between development partners, policymakers, regulators and the private sector
  • Over 1 million people have viewed and engaged with our work online