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Our approach

We work with policymakers, financial service providers, donors and key partners to deliver long-term development impact in four core focus areas by:  

  • Applying a market systems approach, focusing on how the financial sector and digital economy can enhance the livelihoods of low-income individuals, increase resilience and reduce poverty
  • ​Analysing the demandsupply and governance of financial markets and digital economies within a local political, environmental and social context, and evaluate the infrastructure needed to enable inclusive financial markets and digital economies. 
  • Generating innovative ideas and insights by marrying imagination with rigorous analysis and an in-depth understanding of what forces are shaping the future
  • Supporting the implementation of our insights, by developing networks and communities to convene with and capacitate stakeholders to create an enabling market environment.
  • Supporting the creation of high-impact business models and product innovations that meet the economic and financial needs of individuals, in particular those enabled through fintechs and digital platforms.
  • Aligning our work with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by exploring issues specifically relating to youth, women, health, climate and MSMEs.