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Our board

Our team shares a common vision and DNA, committed to our mission of unlocking development outcomes through insights.
Shungu Chirunda
Chair of the Cenfri Board

Shungu is the new Chair of the Cenfri Board. She brings a wealth of ex [...]
Olayinka David-West
Board member

Professor Olayinka David-West is an Information Systems professional w [...]
Meshach Aziakpono
Board member

Meshach is a non-executive board member of Cenfri and a professor of [...]
Raimund Snyders
Board member

Raimund is a Partner at Leapfrog Investments who brings to bear his ex [...]
Sharron McPherson
Board member

Sharron is a non-executive board member of Cenfri and former Wall Stre [...]
Lesiba Mothata
Board member

Lesiba is a non-executive board member of Cenfri and the Chief Econom [...]
Herman Singh
Board member

Herman is an innovative business thinker and a high impact player who [...]
Frik Landman
Former Chair

Frik is the former Chairman of the Cenfri Board. In January 2005, he w [...]
Craig Churchill
Board member

Craig has over 20 years’ microfinance experience, in both developed [...]
Andrew le Roux
Board member

Andrew is a qualified actuary who spent 20 years at Old Mutual before [...]