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Our board

Cenfri is privileged to enjoy the support and guidance of a Board comprising individuals with specialist expertise in economics, financial or digital services across several countries. Current board members are listed below:
Doubell Chamberlain
Founder and Managing Director

Doubell is the founder and managing director of Cenfri. He has extensi [...]
Mia Thom
Director of Insights

Mia has extensive experience in how to regulate for innovation and inn [...]
Raimund Snyders
Chair of Cenfri’s Board

Raimund is Chair of Cenfri’s Board. He is a Partner at Leapfrog Inve [...]
Louise Shaxson
Board member

Louise initially trained as an agricultural economist before embarking [...]
Olayinka David-West
Board member

Olayinka David-West is a Professor of Information Systems. She has ove [...]
Gavin Starks
Board member

Gavin helps solve complex, multidisciplinary, collective-action challe [...]
Professor Vivienne Lawack
Board member

Professor Vivienne Lawack is the Deputy Vic [...]
John Steytler

John is the Director of Economic Research at Bank of Namibia. He is a [...]
Maya Makanjee

Maya was the former CEO of FinMark Trust, and prior to that, Corporate [...]
Prega Ramsamy

Prega was the CEO of FinMark Trust and the second Executive Secre [...]
Louis de Koker

Louis was a founding director and previous board member of Cenfri. He [...]
Anne-Marie Chidzero
Former Chair

Anne-Marie was the original chair of the Cenfri Board. She is  [...]
Anja Smith

Anja Smith joined Cenfri in 2008 as one of its founding staff members. [...]
Hennie Bester
Programme Director

Hennie is an experienced public policy strategist working towards an i [...]
Shungu Chirunda
Board member

Shungu is a former Chair of Cenfri’s Board and former Chair of the B [...]
Bitange Ndemo
Board member

Bitange Ndemo is currently Kenya's Ambassador to Belgium and the Europ [...]
Meshach Aziakpono
Board member

Meshach is a non-executive board member of Cenfri and a professor of [...]
Sharron McPherson
Board member

Sharron is a non-executive board member of Cenfri and former Wall Stre [...]
Lesiba Mothata
Board member

Lesiba, ACMA CGMA, is the Head: Strategic Clients at Alexforbes Group [...]
Herman Singh
Board member

Herman is an innovative business thinker and a high impact player who [...]
Frik Landman
Former Chair

Frik is the former Chair of the Cenfri Board. In January 2005, he was [...]
Craig Churchill

Craig has over 20 years’ microfinance experience, in both developed [...]
Andrew le Roux

Andrew is a qualified actuary who spent 20 years at Old Mutual before [...]