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Project opportunities

To support our current projects, we regularly enlist the expertise of third-party providers to conduct fieldwork, research and/or analysis in the focus country. When a project opportunity arises, we publish Terms of Reference (TORs) on our website and invite suitable organisations to submit proposals for the work.

Terms of Reference: Qualitative research service providers in Rwanda

Cenfri is commissioning a qualitative consumer research provider to conduct primary consumer research in Rwanda. These terms of reference (ToR) outline the scope and objectives for the qualitative research and set out the roles and responsibilities of the various parties. The Rwanda Economy Digitalisation (RED) programme is a three-year initiative to support a sustained shift to an inclusive, digitalised economy. The programme, which is hosted by the Rwandan Ministry of ICT and Innovation (MinICT) and implemented by Cenfri[1], is driven by a partnership with the Government of Rwanda and supported by the Mastercard Foundation. It builds on work[2] undertaken over the last five years to better use data to advance financial-sector development and economic inclusion in the country. The purpose of the programme is to demonstrate the value of data analysis to support the public policy agenda, with particular reference to payments digitisation. Though much of the programme is centred on discovering and analysing large datasets held by various government entities to extract policy-relevant insights, deriving meaningful insights also calls for a qualitative understanding of the realities, preferences and perceptions of people and merchants on the ground. To this end, the programme also includes qualitative consumer research. This is the third round of qualitative research undertaken by the RED program.  
[1] Cenfri works with policymakers by leveraging insights from data analysis to improve policymaking, catalyse innovation, and ultimately, improve livelihoods. [2] For more information on the work conducted under the i2i programme, see:

EOI: Data experts for provision of ad-hoc services

Cenfri is building a database of experts and trainers who could work on a consultancy basis to support a range of data-related capacity development activities in Rwanda. Please note that this is not a job listing but an expression of interest to join an expert group of consultants.  The main activities that the experts are expected to be involved in include, inter alia:
  • Mentoring both public and private sector staff who are doing online courses in the area of data science
  • Participating in, and facilitating, discussions for the data science community of practice
  • Coaching both public and private sector staff, plus data fellows, in the data analytics work in their respective institutions. These institutions are typically public sector entities within Rwanda
  • Being a resource person to the programme to support a range of capacity development work
  • Providing support to the CDO (Chief Digital/Data Officer) Network.
Cenfri would like to invite interested and qualified individuals to submit their Expressions of Interest (EOI) to serve on the panel of experts. The panel of experts would be required support, on an ad-hoc basis, the existing data capacity at various institutions in the Government of Rwanda through coaching, mentoring and training. Expert consultants would provide capacity development and building activities related to big data value chains, adopting a data-driven approach, and data-driven policy-making. Requirements:
  1. Hold a degree in Data Science or a related field
    • Master's university-level degree holders must have a minimum of two (2) years of experience in adult training, university-level teaching, coaching or mentoring; or
    • Individuals with a first university degree with international professional certifications must have a minimum of four (4) years of experience in adult training, university-level teaching, coaching or mentoring.
  2. Have at least one (1) international professional certification in related fields.
  3. Demonstrate practical experience in data science and/or data engineering
How to submit a proposal: Interested consultants are requested to submit:
  • A detailed Curriculum Vitae
  • A cover letter that clearly articulates why you are well positioned to undertake this work
  • Two references, including one from your last client or employer
  • An hourly rate in Rwandan Franc (RwF), which includes all taxes liable to be paid
The shortlisted experts will be invited to submit proof of their academic background electronically, upon request. If shortlisted, they will also be requested to make presentations to assess their presentation skills, technical capacity, and language proficiency.
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