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FSI meeting on microinsurance

FSI meeting on microinsurance

December 7, 2011    

Cenfri participated in the recent microinsurance meeting hosted by the Financial Stability Institute’s in Basel (6-8 July 2010). The meeting was hosted in collaboration with the Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii) (click here to read more about the A2ii) and attended by an audience of supervisors from 21 developing countries. The focus was on discussing the latest developments in microinsurance and particularly the implications for policy and regulation.Click below to access Cenfri’s presentations at this event:

Innovations in the Product Design, Distribution and Servicing of Claims by Doubell Chamberlain:

Download the presentation Size 582kb

Formalisation of Informal markets by Hennie Bester and Doubell Chamberlain:

Download the presentation Size 268kb

From Country Evidence to Microinsurance Standards – policy imperatives by Hennie Bester:

Download the presentation Size 236kb

The discussion at the meeting confirmed that microinsurance has become area of interest and priority for many developing country regulators. Several countries are looking to create the space for microinsurance development and have benefited from sharing their experiences with each other through this event.

Presentations were made by number of people and are listed below:

  • The Importance of Microfinance and Microinsurance From an Economic and Financial Stability Perspective: Nestor A Espenilla Jr, Bangco Sentral ng Pilipinas (Bank of Philippines). Click here to download presentation (PDF 326.72kb).
  • The Importance of Microinsurance From a Poverty Alleviation Perspective: Craig Churchill, Microinsurance Network (MIN) and Microinsurance Innovation Facility, International Labour Organization (ILO), Switzerland. Click here to download the keynote address (PDF 33.28kb).
  • Innovations in the Product Design, Distribution and Servicing of Claims: Rakesh Jain, ICICI Lombard, India. Click here to download presentation (PDF 933.69kb).
  • Innovations in the Product Design, Distribution and Servicing of Claims (continued): Luis Huerta-Rosas, EKA, Mexico; Doubell Chamberlain, Centre for Financial Regulation and Inclusion (Cenfri), South Africa. Click here to download presentation by Luis Huerta-Rosas (PDF 394.72kb) and click here to read presentation by Doubell Chamberlain (PDF 582.27kb).
  • From Country Evidence to Microinsurance Standards: Martina Wiedmaier-Pfister, GTZ and Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ), Germany; Hennie Bester, Economist, Cenfri, South Africa and Regina Lidia Simões, Superintendência de Seguros Privados, Brazil. Click here to download presentation by Martina Wiedmaier-Pfister (PDF 782.56kb); click here to download the presentation by Hennie Bester (PDF 235.89kb) and click here to download the presentation by Regina Lidia Simões (PDF 198.3kb).
  • Supervising Cooperatives, Mutuals and Other Community-based Entities: Craig Thorburn, World Bank, United States. Click here to download presentation (PDF 143.12kb)
  • Formalisation of Informal Markets: Doubell Chamberlain and Hennie Bester, Cenfri, South Africa and Joselito Almario, National Credit Council, Department of Finance, the Philippines. Click here to download the presentation by Doubell Chamberlain and Hennie Bester (PDF 267.97kb); and click here to read the presentation by Joselito Almario (PDF 147.31kb).
  • Taking the Lead – Market Stimulation through Government Involvement: Arup Chatterjee, IAIS, Switzerland; Carla Chiappe, Superintendencia de Banca, Seguros y AFP, Peru and Luis Huerta-Rosas, EKA, Mexico. Click here to read Arup Chatterjee’s presentation (PDF 161.82kb), click here to read Carla Chiappe’s presentation (PDF 205.68kb); and click here to read Luis Huerta-Rosas’s presentation (PDF 329.46kb).
  • Success Stories of the Micro Insurance Innovation Facility Grantees: Craig Churchill, Microinsurance Network (MIN) and Microinsurance Innovation Facility, ILO, Switzerland; Nelson C Kuria, CIC Insurance Ltd, Kenya and Jeremy Leach, Hollard Insurance Group, South Africa. Click here to read Nelson Kuria’s presentation (PDF 759.18kb) and click here to read Jeremy Leach’s presentation (PDF 5.95mb).