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Inclusive finance workshop: Kenya

Inclusive finance workshop: Kenya

1 September, 2019    

Tapping the potential of the unmet financial needs of Kenyans

This workshop was hosted in collaboration with CGAP, FSD Kenya and 71point4. The workshop presented initial findings from a study commissioned by CGAP that considered the opportunities to better meet the underserved needs of Kenyans.

The objectives of this study are to segment and deepen understanding of the unmet financial needs of Kenyans and identify the key factors that inhibit available financial products from meeting key needs. The findings of this research aim to inform and enable the development of appropriately tailored government policy and private sector interventions for financial inclusion, broadly defined.

The scope of this project involves a segmentation analysis of demand-side data, predominately drawn from the 2019 FinAccess Household Survey, that is complimented by an analysis of the enabling regulatory environment and key market trends from the private financial sector.

During the event, the Cenfri and 71point4 research team presented on:

  • A segmentation analysis of seven economically significant segments in Kenya who display a) critical unmet financial needs, b) a viable business case for financial service providers to better target intervention towards, and c) speak to the Big 4 national policy priorities of the Kenyan government.
  • An analysis of key identified unmet needs among target segments and their market and regulatory drivers
  • An overview of proposed recommendations for policymakers, regulators and financial service providers to target interventions towards addressing key unmet financial needs for improved financial service usage and inclusion.

An objective of this workshop was to harness inputs from participants to shape the conclusion of the research and to contribute towards the discussion on how the financial needs of Kenyans can be best served and leveraged for greater economic inclusion and development.

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Explore the seven-part series of short notes on understanding the unmet financial needs and opportunities of key segments in Kenya in partnership with FSD Kenya and CGAP

Note 1: Regional market farmers Size 622KB
Note 2: Local market farmers Size 577KB
Note 3: Sophisticated businesses Size 687KB
Note 4: Urban small businesses Size 1.01MB
Note 5: Public sector workers Size 704KB
Note 6: Urban wage earners Size 659KB
Note 7: Urban aspirational youth Size 792KB
September 5, 2019 - September 5, 2019
8:30 am - 1:00 pm
Nairobi, Kenya