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Webinar: Enterprise development

Webinar: Enterprise development

17 May, 2019    
Unlocking risk management and enterprise development

As part of our ongoing work on the role of insurance in sustainable development and inclusive growth, we delved deeper into the potential for insurance to contribute to (small) business resilience by hosting a webinar on the 21 May 2019.
This webinar formed part of MFW4A’s broader effort to stimulate exchanges, share hands-on experience and find clarity on some of the most pressing topics and emerging trends in financial services in Africa.

We were privileged to collaborate with MFW4A and GIZ to present this webinar, which further explored unlocking risk management for enterprise development in sub-Saharan Africa.

Enterprise development is a key development policy priority across national agendas in sub-Saharan Africa. Small and medium enterprise development is typically considered a key driver of economic growth, employment and innovation, however, insurance support for these enterprises is currently limited. Although several SME-focused insurance products have been identified in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Rwanda, most available products are characteristic of scaled-down large corporate products that do not necessarily account for the nuanced needs of SMEs. Nevertheless, insurance markets can make a greater contribution to enterprise growth and economic development by encouraging productive risk-taking while protecting companies from losses arising from external shocks.

This webinar took place on 21 May 2019. If you missed it, we’ve included the presentation packed with insights here.

Download the presentation Size 4.06MB