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Geographic scope

Although we have a global footprint, our focus is on promoting financial inclusion in emerging markets – with a special commitment to sub-Saharan Africa, where our roots lie. We believe that global knowledge and influence require learning from experiences across emerging markets.

We understand the powerful and mutually reinforcing impact cycle that we can achieve by balancing and sequencing country-level evidence with global processes and influence. This impact cycle is set in motion by developing an evidence-base to understand the market and regulatory considerations in a particular country – be it through a diagnostic study or other research. Through our regional and global networks, such local evidence is then syndicated at the global level to feed into financial-sector standards and guidance which, in turn, has an impact on implementation at the local level.

Exposure to different conditions in Africa, Latin America and Asia has contributed powerfully to our insights on market development. To meaningfully engage in the global dialogue, we actively seek ongoing exposure to a sufficiently broad set of jurisdictions to ensure that our evidence be credible and representative of the broader development dialogue.

The interactive map below highlights the financial inclusion projects that we’re involved in and the outputs that we’ve produced for each market.