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Wicus Coetzee

Wicus is an independent consultant who works closely with Cenfri and who has been part of the team since January 2015. He specialises in data analysis and has used his training in data analytics for a number of projects.

Wicus was the chief data analyst on a project designed to understand the use of transaction data for financial inclusion in Mexico. Within the insight2impact programme (i2ifacility), he formed part of the team that developed frameworks to deepen meaningful measurement in financial inclusion, where he was responsible, among others, for the initial scoping and organisation of the available data. Prior to the transaction data work, he was involved in demand-side research using FinScope data in four Making Access Possible (MAP) projects. In this role, he made use of statistical software (such as Stata) to analyse FinScope demand-side datasets, with the aim to inform the broader MAP process. In his private capacity, Wicus has also worked on South African bank data from four South African banks, where he modelled usage using a combination of demographics and account information.

  • MCom Economics degree, University of Stellenbosch

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