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Albert van der Linden

Albert is an Engagement Manager at Cenfri and has been part of the team since January 2015. Since joining Cenfri, he has been involved with Making Access Possible (MAP) – a multi-country initiative that seeks to advance financial inclusion – in Cambodia, Malawi and Nepal. He has led an insurance for development diagnostic study in Nigeria and has worked in Cenfri’s integrity workstream. His focus now is on enabling the public and private sectors to use data to build inclusive economies.

Prior to joining Cenfri, Albert spent a year in Canada working as an independent consultant for HS Business Solutions. He worked on an economic landscaping study for the Overberg and Eden regions, a marketing strategy for the renewable energy sector in Atlantis and an SMME business potential study for the Western Cape Government.

  • Master’s in economics, Stellenbosch University
  • Honours degree in economics, Stellenbosch University


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