Inclusive insurance enhanced through the use of client data

Inclusive insurance enhanced through the use of client data

23 October, 2018    
How different types of alternative and traditional client data solve key challenges in inclusive insurance provision

This publication adds depth to the discussion of the use of client data in inclusive insurance provision, by examining the specific applications of different types of data to different key insurance activities.

The explosion of big data in recent years, combined with new technologies, enables insurers to collect and analyse these vast new datasets. These advancements open up possibilities for insurance providers to save time and costs, reach new markets and explore new business models. However, many insurers are not yet widely using client data in their business and, as a result, are not realising the potential business and client value gains.

This publication describes the key challenges that insurance providers face in designing and delivering products for the low-income target market (in developing countries). Following the insurance value chain, we describe how each type of client data has been used by insurance providers in the field, and what key benefits and challenges have been in their experience. We conclude with a discussion of key trends and opportunities as observed in the field, providing insurance providers with an increased understanding of how client data can benefit their business.

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This work forms part of the Risk, Remittances and Integrity programme, a partnership between FSD Africa and Cenfri.

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