Inclusive: Identification that removes barriers to financial inclusion

Inclusive: Identification that removes barriers to financial inclusion

July 26, 2018    

DataHack4FI in-country winners from Ghana offer a multiple-database-verification API solution to identity verification.

A lack of verifiable identification presents a significant barrier to individuals’ access to financial services. According to Findex 2017, 20% of financially excluded individuals mention a lack of identification as the main reason. In sub-Saharan Africa specifically, 46% of individuals don’t have a form of identification; and while the majority of countries on the continent have opted for digitised national ID systems, implementation of most of these is still underway.

Inclusive Financial Technologies (Inclusive for short), winner of the Ghanaian leg of the DataHack4FI Innovation Award Season 2, uses a data-driven approach to tackle some of these challenges.

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