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Our research explores the role of the financial sector and financial services in improving societal outcomes

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Our work spans a range of engagements – from discrete, bespoke projects to large, long-term programmes

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A-trader: Promoting investment and savings with robo-advisor services
A case study on DataHack4FI Innovation Award winner for Tanzania  A-trader seeks to assist fellow Tanzanians in reaching their financial and investment goals. It seeks to do this by breaking down the barriers faced by these individuals in accessing investment opportunities. Its flagship product, the A-trader Digital Platform, allows beginner and experienced stock market [...]
10 years, eight trends: Where does microinsurance go from here?
8 trends that will shape the future of [...]
Inclusive insurance enhanced through the use of client data
How different types of alternative and [...]
Voluntary take-up: The holy grail of microinsurance
Last week, Cenfri was in Brussels to [...]
The rise of African digital platforms
Early findings from our African digital platforms and the future of [...]
Latest News & Events
Webinar: Property markets and insurance
Assessing the role of the insurance sector in property market development   Unlocking and [...]
Workshop: Ghana Insurance for Development
This workshop will be co-hosted in partnership with DFID, and it is based on the findings from the [...]
Hot off the press with Into Africa
A publication for Capital Markets in Africa Digitalisation: Africa's future "Across Africa, [...]
New partnership: FSD Africa and Access to Insurance Initiative
Financial Sector Deepening Africa (FSD Africa) and Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii) have [...]
Workshop: Nigeria Insurance for Growth Study
This workshop will be co-hosted in partnership with EFInA, and it is based on the findings from the [...]
Focus Group on Digital Currency including Digital Fiat Currency
The release of Bitcoin in 2008 triggered the emergence of digital currencies to disrupt and [...]
25th SWIFT African Regional Conference
On 20-22 June over 500 leading financial services executives from over 40 countries across Africa [...]
Barriers to remittances in sub-Saharan Africa
The barriers to remittances in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) series is a set of seven notes exploring [...]