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Our research explores the role of the financial sector and financial services in improving societal outcomes

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COVID-19 impact and recovery

Cenfri is concerned about the global economic and health outcomes of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Can Africa really ‘build back better’?
How financial inclusion must evolve to enable a COVID-19 recovery Sub-Saharan Africa has long been one of the financial inclusion sector’s top success stories. But according to David Ferrand, despite strong gains in inclusion across the region, the overall impact of that newfound financial access has been disappointing. Even before COVID-19, there were few signs at the [...]
How do we develop work-ready youth in a digital age?
Although Kevin has a master’s degree [...]
Identity proofing for COVID-19 recovery
Guidance for regulators, financial service providers and market [...]
Regional economic hubs in sub-Saharan Africa
Recent years have seen large scale de-risking and financial exclusion [...]
Innovation ecosystems in sub-Saharan Africa: How to enable flourishing innovation?
Insights from Cape Town, Nairobi and [...]
FinTecHub and Cenfri: partnership announcement
FinTecHub and Cenfri are pleased to announce the signing of their new [...]
COVID-19 policy response framework
COVID-19 is leaving no country unaffected. For the development [...]
Eswatini Central Bank Digital Currency diagnostic study
Central banks across the developed and [...]
African youth and mixed livelihoods: Tech provides silver lining amid pandemic
In 2019, one in five youth in Africa [...]
E-hailing workers livelihood experiences in Nigeria
Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country and one of the largest [...]

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Latest events
Sub-Saharan Africa supervisory dialogue on insurtech
Catalysing Access to Financial Services following COVID-19 Technology is transforming global [...]
ID4Africa Livecast: Spotlight on inclusion
In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the public health challenges and economic woes [...]
Stimulating innovation and opportunity for African insurtechs
Insurance can play an essential role in protecting society as it recovers and prepares for an [...]
Identifying and analysing the most vulnerable female segments under COVID-19
We're exploring which segments of women in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa are most vulnerable [...]
Global forum on illicit financial flows and development
Technical Director, Barry Cooper, will be participating in the Global Forum on Illicit Financial [...]
Reinsurance in times of COVID-19: Looking back to move forward
The COVID-19 pandemic has tested the world’s resilience, exposing both its strengths and its [...]
Recover and adapt: Context-driven policy options in a post-COVID-19 Africa
The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the economic landscape in sub-Saharan Africa, but it is not yet [...]
Digitisation and insurtech in the time of COVID-19 webinar
The evolving approach of African insurers and regulators One of the biggest implications of [...]