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Our research explores the role of the financial sector and financial services in improving societal outcomes

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Our work spans a range of engagements – from discrete, bespoke projects to large, long-term programmes

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Latest Insights
Behavioural science for financial services
We’ve been exploring how financial service providers can translate new insights from behavioural science into the design and delivery of financial services These systematic reviews conducted in 2017 and 2018 sought to identify behavioural interventions that have been proven to influence the credit, saving, insurance or payment decisions of customers. We’ve published the [...]
The application of behavioural interventions
As we explore how behavioural science can narrow the gap between [...]
Central bank digital currency (CBDC) and financial inclusion
What can CBDC do for emerging markets: [...]
Four things we learned at the 2019 Seamless Southern Africa Conference
Understanding the state of digital [...]
Behavioural interventions for financial services
We highlight key insights from our research into behavioural [...]
Latest News & Events
The advent of the digital economy highlights the importance of identity
Nearly half a billion adults in Africa lack access to identification documents undermining crucial [...]
The ID4Africa movement highlights the importance identity ecosystems
The fourth industrial revolution and the growth of the digital economy has the potential to create [...]
GIABA: West Africa anti-money laundering conference
Cenfri will be at the GIABA joint regional public-private sector meeting on emerging money [...]
Webinar: Enterprise development
Unlocking risk management and enterprise development As part of our ongoing work on the role of [...]
Expert roundtable discussion on youth digital skills
Cenfri, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, is hosting a roundtable discussion on youth [...]
Webinar: Regulating for responsible data innovation
Our previous research has shown that new data uses bring opportunities and risks. New technologies [...]
Webinar: Exploring agent network expansion and cash points in Kenya
A look into the role of agents and other points of contact for financial inclusion Opinions are [...]
Is the financial sector meeting the needs of Mexicans?
Implications for financial inclusion   A team from insight2impact (i2i) is in Mexico this [...]