ZedCredit: Sentiment analysis in the design of womens savings solution

ZedCredit: Sentiment analysis in the design of womens savings solution

July 26, 2018    

ZedCredit from Zambia provides access to savings, loans and a credit score via their mobile app.

ZedCredit is a fintech based in Zambia that participated in the DataHack4FI Innovation competition, Season 2. ZedCredit was conceptualised and founded in 2015 by Tundwa Siyubo, a business graduate from Zambia’s National Institute of Public  Administration. It was registered in 2017, when he met his childhood friend and fellow co-founder-to-be, Dominic Kapalu, an economics graduate from the University of Zambia. ZedCredit’s mission is to provide access to financial services for low-income Zambians. It seeks particularly to enable women and youth to access formal financial services, which it does by providing users of its mobile app with access to savings, loans and a credit score. Its mobile savings wallet Wele allows women to save in addition to their informal savings groups and to save for a specific goal.

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