Now reading: Interview with Gareth Taylor, Country Manager of Bolt
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Read our latest interviews with industry experts on key issues in financial sector development
Interview with Gareth Taylor, Country Manager of Bolt
We recently spoke to the country manager for Bolt in South Africa, Gareth Taylor. Gareth Taylor, Country Manager of Bolt Bolt is a digital [...]
Inside-out: The good and the bad of insight2impact
Does this situation sound familiar? A development program runs its course, generating lots of intriguing insights and impacts – and experiencing [...]
Preparing your organisation to navigate change
Shungu Chirunda, the new chair of the Cenfri Board, shares her views on the factors that contribute to the success with which organisations are able [...]
Data privacy in Africa: Regulation and reality
Ridwaan Boda and Era Gunning of ENSafrica answer questions about data privacy, data sharing and what related regulations mean for financial service [...]
Digitising the existing value chain presents new fintech opportunities
Johan Bosini, Quona Capital Venture Partner (Cape Town) shares his excitement about fintech developments and the associated data revolution in [...]
Deeper drivers of financial decision-making not fully understood
Jonathan Zinman explains why he thinks further research is required in order better understand the drivers of decision-making and the ways in which [...]
Bots provide insight into customer needs
insight2impact (i2i) is exploring how data can be used by financial service providers to create client value and enhance firm value [...]
“Finbiosis” is the future of digital financial services
Lito Villanueva, Managing Director and CEO of Philippines digital financial solutions provider, FINTQ, shares his views on collaboration to further [...]
The gap between intention and action in financial decision-making
Prof. Hal Hershfield shares some insights on how trade-offs between the present and a future state affect the financial decisions that people [...]
Avoiding the copy-paste approach to mobile money operations
Barney de Jongh, of Digital Frontiers Institute, talks to us about leveraging the value of agents and data and driving meaningful usage of mobile [...]