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Digital Africa

Ambitions around an increasingly digital and connected Africa, underscored by accelerated digitalisation in response to COVID-19 and technological change, have profound implications for life on the continent.

We are exploring the impact of digitalisation on the:

  • Regulatory environment and governance of data and privacy, digital infrastructure, the digital economy (including employment conditions) and innovations in the financial sector
  • Livelihoods, skills and aspirations of young people
  • Transformation of the financial sector
  • Growth in digital platforms and their role in the economy
  • Innovation enabled through digital technology and related ecosystems
  • Future of Africa (scenarios and forces for a digital Africa)

The Latest in Digital Africa

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Partnership announcement for digital transformation in Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda, 2 June 2021: Today, the Ministry of ICT and Innovation in Rwanda, Cenfri, and the Mastercard Foundation have signed a tripartite [...]