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Technology and Innovation

Technology and innovation is changing the nature of financial markets. Innovation can create opportunities, enhance efficiencies, increase competition, drive scale, and improve the reach and value of financial products and services to consumers. However, with innovation also comes risk.

Much attention is currently placed on the development of new technologies, business models and on creating the regulatory space for these models to encourage and facilitate innovation whilst protecting consumers to support both market development and consumer protection.

Our work explores the benefits and risks of technology and innovation across Africa and Latin America. We work to understand, map and support the various drivers for inclusive innovation, including the development of sustainable and welfare-enhancing products.

Digital Africa

The Africa Fintech Hub – a platform designed to strengthen fintechs in Africa

Fintechs have the potential to significantly improve the options available to financially underserved individuals. Many fintech start-ups in Africa, however, struggle to reach the scale and level of maturity that would make them viable alternatives to the offerings from traditional financial service providers. This is particularly true for fintechs launched

Digital Transformation & Data

Supporting the development of a digital finance index

Digital financial services are transforming global financial service provision and access. Rapid developments in fintech are disrupting and transforming financial landscapes worldwide, leading to new partnerships, including those with traditional financial service providers, to better serve existing customers and reach previously underserved consumer segments. However, the benefits of DFS are

Digital Transformation & Data

A decade of microinsurance innovation: promising or ‘meh’?

In October 2023, Doubell Chamberlain spoke to Rishi Raithatha about the impact that innovation and technology has had on the microinsurance market over the last 10 years. This is a short excerpt from the full interview. You can read more of the interview on the MicroInsurance Network site. Q: What

Data and Analytics

Open Finance in Africa: Designing context-appropriate approaches for the financial sector

Open Finance can be defined as the sharing of consumer data between financial service providers (FSPs) and/or third-party providers on the basis of consumer consent. Improved use of data and effective data sharing can support a better functioning market by facilitating greater competition and enabling innovation within the financial sector.

Data and Analytics

Catalysing the use of data and digital technology for tourism in Ghana

Ghana’s tourism industry presents an exciting landscape for growth, offering significant potential for youth employment and entrepreneurship. However, an effective digital presence is a prerequisite for competitiveness in the global tourism sector and in Ghana, digital technology adoption among tourism operators remains nascent. Data and digital technology increasingly enable tourism

Digital Transformation & Data

Understanding CBDC and its application in emerging markets

Central banks have cited several reasons for considering or piloting central bank digital currencies (CBDC). These include a desire to enhance financial stability and monetary policy, improve payment systems, and contribute to financial inclusion.  However, uncertainty still exists regarding how a CBDC can be designed to promote greater access and

Digital Transformation & Data

Digitisation contributes to improved remittance access and a better customer experience

The Remittance Access Initiative (RAI) is a programme set up through a partnership between IFAD’s Financing Facility for Remittances (FFR) and Cenfri. Cenfri is working with a range of remittance service providers (RSPs) to improve access to cheaper, faster, and safer remittance services. This article covers a related innovation that

Exploring insurtech
Digital Transformation & Data

Insurance regulation and innovation: An assessment of 8 African insurance markets

To support regulatory authorities in sub-Saharan Africa in promoting inclusive insurance market development, there is a need to strike a balance between innovation and the accompanying risks that arise. FSD Africa set up the Risk, Resilience and Regulatory Lab (R3Lab)  as a platform for capacity-building and peer exchange to assist regulators deliver on

Digital Transformation & Data

The potential of CBDCs for financial inclusion

Will CBDC solve your financial inclusion woes or further exclude the vulnerable?   Central bank-backed digital currency (CBDC) may alleviate financial exclusion barriers, but it comes with risks. Given some of the shortcomings of digital financial services in reaching financially excluded populations, central banks in developing and emerging markets have increasingly

Data and Analytics

Impamvu dukwiriye gushakira inyito mu Kinyarwanda amwe mu magambo y’ikoranabuhanga

Abamenyereye iby’ ikoranabuhanga cyane bazakubwira ko hari amagambo menshi usanga akoreshwa muri urwo rwego, udapfa gusanga mu kiboneza-mvugo cy’ikinyarwanda. Urugero ni nk’imbaraga za “nucléaire” “data”, “microchips”, n’andi atandukanye. Dufate urugero rw’ijambo ry’Icyongereza ‘Data’, abantu bakunda guhura naryo ahantu henshi hatandukanye. Ubusanzwe rikoreshwa mu gusobanura amakuru dukusanya tukayashyira kuri mudasobwa zacu