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Areas of work

Cenfri is an independent African economic impact agency. We work to boost economic growth and increase sustainable development in emerging markets.
Consumer Insights and Market Assessments
We apply a market systems approach, focusing on how the financial sector and digital economy can enhance livelihoods of low-income individuals, increase resilience and reduce poverty.

Regulatory Change and Guidance
We provide guidance and technical assistance to industry bodies and governments to shape local and global policy and regulatory architecture in developing countries.

Private Sector Advice
We work with private sector players to design and build innovative, practical solutions that contribute to more sustainable and inclusive communities, businesses and economies.

Technical Assistance and Skills Building
We empower policymakers, regulators and industry stakeholders to effect sustainable and inclusive change.

Programmes and initiatives
Through our programmes and initiatives, we collaborate with partners to deliver impact through research, capacity building, convening and innovation support for financial sector development and economic inclusion in Africa and beyond.