Now reading: Impact of remittances for recovery and resilience through digital and financial inclusion
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Impact of remittances for recovery and resilience through digital and financial inclusion
In 2021, migrants’ remittance flows to low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) reached US$540 billion, only 1.6 per cent below the US$548 billion [...]
Risks, harms and opportunities in data-driven technology for financial inclusion
How can data and data-driven technologies impact financial inclusion efforts in Africa? As the region with the most unbanked and underserved [...]
Regulatory adaptation: The changing role of financial sector regulators
Considering the changing role of financial regulators and responses to innovation Innovation creates opportunities, enhances efficiencies, [...]
New Nexus: The future of digital financial services
The New Nexus Initiative, hosted by Cenfri and On Think Tanks and support by GIZ, brought together experts, practitioners, academics, and other [...]
The FATF standards and the unintended consequences
The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is the intergovernmental standard-setting body and watchdog for anti-money laundering, combating the financing [...]
COVID-19 policy response framework
COVID-19 is leaving no country unaffected. For the development community and national policymakers, this creates a clear imperative: Wield whatever [...]
Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on insurers in Eastern and Southern Africa
In partnership with Organisation of Eastern & Southern Africa Insurers (OESAI) and FSD Africa, we have undertaken a survey to better understand [...]
Implications of COVID-19 for the sustainability of insurers in sub-Saharan Africa
Webinar: The impact of COVID-19 on the sustainability of African insurance markets Our research in partnership with FSD Africa shows that many [...]
Livelihoods of workers on e-hailing platforms
Webinar: Livelihoods of workers on e-hailing platforms The sustainability of e-hailing platforms is coming under question, and as Africa grapples [...]
Skills for the digital economy: Digital skills in Kenya
A qualitative case study on the level of youth digital skills in Kenya - Are Kenyans tech savvy? Known as “Silicon Savannah,” Kenya’s ICT [...]