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Microinsurance Zambia: Innovation Workshop

Microinsurance Zambia: Innovation Workshop

7 December, 2011    

While it is a social protection tool that can reduce vulnerability among the poor, microinsurance also presents a viable business opportunity for insurers in developing countries. Innovative business models will be required to access this market in a sustainable manner and offer value to clients.

In February 2010, Cenfri facilitated a workshop on innovation in microinsurance business models in Lusaka, Zambia.


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In 2009, Cenfri completed a review of the opportunities and challenges to microinsurance development in Zambia funded by the ILO (with UNCDF funding) and the FinMark Trust (click here for more details). The results were discussed at a stakeholder workshop in June 2009. Subsequently, a process was launched to design and implement a strategy for microinsurance development, driven by local stakeholders. As part of this strategy process, Cenfri hosted a capacity building workshop in Lusaka on 3 February 2010 to share international examples of innovation in microinsurance business models and intermediation channels and draw out lessons for Zambia. The workshop was attended by almost 100 representatives from a variety of stakeholder groups.

The programme for the day included the following sessions:
  • What is microinsurance, who would buy it and what is the bottom line?
  • Overview of innovative international microinsurance models
  • Microinsurance innovation: cross-cutting issues, trends and lessons for Zambia