Cenfri joins the Smart Africa Alliance

Cenfri joins the Smart Africa Alliance

29 August, 2022    

Kigali, Monday 29th August 2022  – The Smart Africa Alliance welcomes Cenfri as an international non-profit member to advance Smart Africa’s digital transformation initiatives.

With a mission to accelerate sustainable socio-economic development on the continent, the Smart Africa Alliance has committed, as part of its flagships projects, to the development of a master plan for e-commerce and e-payments. Cenfri, with its focus on inclusive financial systems and welfare-enhancing digital economies, will join forces with the Smart Africa Alliance to impact the e-payment and e-commerce topics across the continent and digital transformation in general.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Cenfri’s experience in the area of e-commerce and e-payments. I am confident their input will be valuable and impactful in fulfilling the alliance ambitions,” emphasised Mr. Lacina Koné, CEO & Director General, Smart Africa Secretariat.

The addition of Cenfri as an international non-profit organisation of the Smart Africa Alliance signals our commitment to sustainable and inclusive digital development.

Mr. Doubell Chamberlain, Founder and Managing Director of Cenfri reflected, “Cenfri’s membership presents an opportunity to leverage evidence and lessons learnt for responsible innovation and action. We are delighted to contribute our expertise in digital payments, data for development and regulatory innovation to achieving the vision of the Smart Africa Alliance.” 

About Smart Africa

Smart Africa is an alliance of 32 African countries, international organisations and global private sector players tasked with Africa’s digital agenda. The alliance is empowered by a bold and innovative commitment by African Heads of State to accelerate sustainable socio-economic development on the continent and usher Africa into the knowledge economy through affordable access to broadband and the use of ICTs. With a vision to create a single digital market in Africa by 2030, the Smart Africa Alliance brings together Heads of State who seek to accelerate the digitalization of the continent and create a common market. Launched in 2013 by seven (7) African Heads of State, the Alliance now has 32 member countries, representing over 815 million people and over 40 Private Sector members committed to the vision and the advancement of Africa.

For more information about this partnership and related work, you can contact Smart Africa or Cenfri.




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Cenfri joins the Smart Africa Alliance
Kigali, Monday 29th August 2022  – The ...