Now reading: Regulatory adaptation: The changing role of financial sector regulators
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Databases and Toolkits

Our databases and toolkits provide you with access to the information and recommendations for action.
Regulatory adaptation: The changing role of financial sector regulators
Considering the changing role of financial regulators and responses to innovation Innovation creates opportunities, enhances efficiencies, [...]
Africa Fintech Radar: Fintechs operating in Africa
  In 2020, the Africa Fintech Network (AFN), in partnership with findexable and Cenfri, launched the Africa Fintech Radar project. This [...]
Regulating for innovation: A supervisory toolkit
A supervisory toolkit to help regulators navigate their role and guide decisions in regulating for innovation.   The need to create [...]
FinNeeds toolkit
A guide to using the FinNeeds approach to financial inclusion measurement. FinNeeds is the name of insight2impact’s (i2i’s) financial needs [...]
Africa: New toolkit may unlock access to financial services
Hundreds of millions of people globally remain excluded from formal financial services to meet their needs in an affordable way. According to Findex [...]
Africa’s Digital Platforms
Explore an eight-country overview of Africa's digital platforms and financial services using filters to refine the analysis. Explore an [...]
Insurtech Tracker
The rise of insurtechs in emerging markets In light of the insurtech trends, Cenfri wanted to understand to what extent insurtechs in emerging [...]
Behavioural Interventions for Financial Services Database
This database reflects a systematic review of behaviourally informed interventions that have significantly impacted the financial decisions of [...]
Data Portal
The Data Portal, first launched under the insight2impact programme, is now hosted by FinMark Trust. Compare indicators across countries and [...]
Then and now: Shaping our latest tools in financial inclusion
(Editor’s note: This is the first in a three-part series.) “We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us” – Marshall [...]