Insurtech Tracker

Insurtech Tracker

June 16, 2019    

The rise of insurtechs in emerging markets

In light of the insurtech trends, Cenfri wanted to understand to what extent insurtechs in emerging markets are able to better serve the customer and provide more value to both the insurer and the end-user.

Our initial work considered insurtech in microinsurance, types of insurtechs which are prevalent in emerging markets and the challenges they were solving. This research resulted in further exploration of insurtech trends in emerging markets and the development of our insurtech tracker, which we launched in February 2017  [and updated in June 2019].

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How to use the Insurtech Tracker

To explore the data – download the insurtech database by using the button and filling out the form.


The June 2019 edition of the insurtech tracker has extended the database to have more nuanced insurtech categories as well as include the insurance products that the insurtechs interact with. We have expanded the database to include insurance products and the stage of the insurance value chain insurtechs are operating in. Version 2.0 of the insurtech tracker provides more insight on the data and analytics being undertaken and differentiates between customer and provider facing platforms.

Find out more about the methodology here Size 9KB

The insurtech landscape is constantly changing and this is an ongoing initiative. If you are aware of any insurtechs that are active and not listed on our database, please fill in this short form so that they can be added to next versions of the database.


A research note based on the trends identified in the database update, coupled with insights from industry experts, is forthcoming. For more information on this project, feel free to contact Antonia.

This database provides an opportunity to explore our global insurtech tracker which gives insight into country-specific data.

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