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Frik Landman

Frik is the former Chairman of the Cenfri Board. In January 2005, he was appointed as the CEO of USB Executive Development Ltd (USB-ED). He is also on the EPAS Accreditation Board of the European Foundation for Management Development [EFMD], and on the Academic Council of the Madinah Institute for Learning & Entrepreneurship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. His passion for people and his longing for business adventure took him on a journey of a variety of positions via the ministry, the insurance industry, the motor industry, agriculture, education and consulting. He spent the last 23 years consulting to a range of SMEs and corporates on issues of strategic leadership, transformation and organisational development.


  • MCert in Development, University of Johannesburg
  • Bachelor’s in Hebrew, philosophy and psychology, the Universities of Port Elizabeth and the University of Johannesburg
  • BTh and MTh in theology, Stellenbosch University
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