Revealing the consumer experience of digital finance in low- and middle-income countries

Revealing the consumer experience of digital finance in low- and middle-income countries

24 January, 2023    

Consumers face several frustrations with the potential to affect their experience of digital financial services. These include system glitches, inappropriate design, fraud, cybercrime, data breaches, opaque pricing, and more.

The Digital finance: The consumer experience, 2023 report, which Cenfri developed for Consumers International, provides an assessment of the scale of the issue across low- and middle-income countries. In evaluating the pain points facing consumers, it provides a much-needed route map for regulators, consumer associations, and market actors to take action. Assessed across four ‘pillars’ of financial consumer protection, the total index score comes in at just 40 out of 100. These results make it clear that more work is needed to build consumer protection frameworks that sufficiently protect and empower consumers.

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Soon to be published in French and Spanish.


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