Africa’s digital future: Policy scenarios

Africa’s digital future: Policy scenarios

31 August, 2019    

What could Africa look like in 2048? 

The digital revolution is gaining ground across Africa. Ambitions around an increasingly digital and connected Africa, underscored by accelerated digitalisation in response to COVID-19 and technological change, have profound implications for life on the continent.

These scenarios for Africa’s digital future aim to stimulate a discussion around the choices that decision-makers in Africa have to make in responding to forces and uncertainties that shape the continent’s digital economy.

Listen to the series, set at the “Shaping the future Conference in December 2048” which portrays the experience of three people who were born in 1998 on the future by relating how things have played out in Africa over 30 years or so.

Regulators adopting a wait-and-see attitude to the digital world

Politicians afraid of the digital world and regulators clamping down on it

Regulators are proactive and citizens prioritise developing new

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