Now reading: Interactive Launch of Microinsurance Compendium, volume II

Interactive Launch of Microinsurance Compendium, volume II

Interactive Launch of Microinsurance Compendium, volume II

December 7, 2012    

Cenfri’s partner, the ILO’s Microinsurance Innovation Facility, organizes on Tuesday 3rd July frm 4 to 6:30 PM an interactive session featuring guest authors and experts who will present shortly the main lessons from some of the 26 chapters of the Microinsurance Compendium, Volume II.

The interactive session will highlight trends emerging from the Microinsurance Compendium Volume II, which Cenfri’s own Doubell Chamberlain, Christine Hougaard, Anja Smith, Herman Smit and Grieve Chewla authored chapters on Funeral Insurance, New Frontiers in Microinsurance Distribution and the Technology Revolution in Microinsurance.

By attending, participants will get an overview of the major trends of the microinsurance sector and have the possibility to interact with some authors in ‘Questions corners’.

The sessions looks to:

  • Raise awareness on the new publication of the Compendium, Protecting the poor, volume II
  • Present snapshots of the content of some of its 26 chapters
  • Provide a chance to meet with authors/reviewers and to ask specific questions

The session will cover:

Presentation on microinsurance trends:  Craig Churchill (ILO Microinsurance Innovation Facility) will give an overview of the main trends of the sector, explain briefly what, in the microinsurance landscape, has changed in the last five years and what are the challenges to be tackled to cover more low-income people with quality and affordable products.

Snapshots of the sector: Guest authors and experts will present shortly the main lessons from some of the 26 chapters of the Microinsurance Compendium:

  • The value of microinsurance (Michal Matul – ILO Microinsurance Innovation Facility)
  • The role of microinsurance in strengthening social protection (John Woodall – ILO – Social Protection)
  • Index insurance (Pranav Prashad – ILO Microinsurance Innovation Facility)
  • Disasters insurance: mitigation and adaptation (Alfredo Lazarte  – ILO – Crisis)
  • Microinsurance to support migrants workers resilience (Samia Kazi Aoul – ILO – Migrant)
  • Success and challenges of health microinsurance (Jeanna Holtz – ILO Microinsurance Innovation Facility)
  • Microinsurance regulation (Peter van den Broeke  – IAIS)
  • The role of technology to boost the sector’s growth (Eric gerelle  – IBEX)
  • The experience of commercial insurers (Brandon Mathews – Zurich Financial Services)

For those who cannot attend physically, the ILO’s Microinsurance Innovation Facility will organize a webcast to share the plenary and set up for onliners a special Q&A session with the authors.