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Webinar: Property markets and insurance

Webinar: Property markets and insurance

29 October, 2018    
Assessing the role of the insurance sector in property market development


Unlocking and catalysing the property market is a policy imperative in Africa. Our report in partnership with FSD Africa published earlier this year seeks to understand the role that insurance can play to support property markets. It looks at the role of insurance in managing and transferring risks associated with property development, as well as the role of insurance in capital intermediation to overcome extensive financing constraints.

In principle, there is a distinct need for specific risk-transfer mechanisms, as well as for financing ‒ both of which insurance companies can provide. However, in practice, we found the sub-optimal insurance participation in property markets ‒ both in terms of risk transfer and investment – in SSA. This is stark reality is illustrated by a Zambia case study.

The value chain frameworkdeveloped in the property markets note, is a useful tool for assessing which business needs the insurance market can help address, and for evaluating the current insurance offering in order to identify gaps and blockages. This webinar was done with Centre for Affordable Housing Finance Africa, view the full presentation below or engage with


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