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insight2impact (i2i)

i2i is a global resource centre that supports policymakers, FSPs and development partners to harness and fully capitalise on the power of data to advance financial-sector development and generate better financial inclusion and welfare outcomes.

i2i facilitates the data market and bridges the data gap to sustainably connect decision-makers with the data they need. We accomplish this by building on, and showcasing, the existing knowledge base of financial inclusion data and collaborating with a wide range of partners (including, individuals, companies, organisations, and other entities that are well positioned to provide high-quality data solutions to financial-service providers, policymakers and other financial inclusion actors).

Launched in 2015, i2i is jointly hosted by Cenfri and FinMark Trust and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation.

For more information on this programme, visit or contact Hennie Bester.

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