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Technology and Innovation

Technology and innovation is changing the nature of financial markets. Innovation can create opportunities, enhance efficiencies, increase competition, drive scale, and improve the reach and value of financial products and services to consumers. However, with innovation also comes risk.

Much attention is currently placed on the development of new technologies, business models and on creating the regulatory space for these models to encourage and facilitate innovation whilst protecting consumers to support both market development and consumer protection.

Our work explores the benefits and risks of technology and innovation across Africa and Latin America. We work to understand, map and support the various drivers for inclusive innovation, including the development of sustainable and welfare-enhancing products.

Digital Transformation & Data

CBDC for emerging markets: realities and expectations

Cenfri has deepened its work on CBDC amid growing interest from central banks Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) has emerged as a key consideration for many central banks across the world and has become a focal area of research for Cenfri over the past four years. Our insights have progressed

The new nexus: digital governance, digital financial services and the SDGs
Data and Analytics

Building a data skills foundation is necessary to achieve meaningful digitalisation

One of the reasons so much emphasis is placed on digitalisation is that people hope digital technology will solve common, but hereto unresolved, challenges. While these digital solutions can be exciting, unless executed properly, there is always the risk of widening the digital divide. To achieve meaningful and sustainable digitalisation

Digital Transformation & Data

Applying a gender lens to trade finance

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are considered engines of economic growth and development, especially in developing economies, yet they continue to be disproportionately rejected from trade finance. However, there is evidence that this barrier is not impacting all SMEs the same: women owned SMEs are more likely to be rejected

Digital Transformation & Data

Practice what you preach: Giving consumers a say in consumer protection

New and proposed financial regulations, such as South Africa’s Pension Funds Amendment Bill, often make headline news because of their wide-reaching and often controversial impact. Financial regulations such as these underpin the financial system and have direct implications for consumers and how they engage with financial services. Whether the focus

Digitalizing farm to table supply chains in Asia
Digital Transformation & Data

Digitalizing farm to table supply chains in Asia

On-demand transport services and insurtech  Whether as a customer or a business, digital platforms that connect people and services are ubiquitous today. The adoption of technology in food logistics has presented the opportunity to transform agricultural and food systems with tools that are cheaper and quicker to implement. App-based logistics and transport systems have

Digital Africa

Guidance on start-up support in Ethiopia

Recommendations to support digital start-ups Cenfri supported Digital Financial in producing a technical guide on the creation of a fund to support a digital start-up ecosystem in Ethiopia. This work was commissioned by the Ministry of Finance (MoF) of Ethiopia in partnership with Digital Pathways at University of Oxford and

Digital Africa

Africa Fintech Radar: Fintechs operating in Africa

  In 2020, the Africa Fintech Network (AFN), in partnership with findexable and Cenfri, launched the Africa Fintech Radar project. This ongoing initiative strives to showcase and track fintechs operating in Africa through a live listing. The Radar provides critical information to understand the challenges, opportunities and levers for fintech

Uganda proportionate risk assessment
Digital Transformation & Data

Financial sector innovation in Africa

An impact snapshot  In 2016, Cenfri and FSD Africa launched a five-year partnership to address barriers and identify opportunities for financial sectors across sub-Saharan Africa to better serve individuals and small businesses, as well as facilitate more inclusive growth. The Risk, Remittances and Integrity (RRI) programme aimed to strengthen the

An inclusive digital identity platform in the Pacific Islands: country-level diagnostics
Digital Transformation & Data

An inclusive digital identity platform in the Pacific Islands

Digital identity is increasingly becoming the key enabler of digital inclusion across the globe. We conducted three country diagnostic studies to understand and assess the use cases and ecosystem requirements for a digital identity (ID) platform in the Pacific Island countries of Fiji, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. This research