Now reading: The privatisation of governance
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Read our latest thinking on key issues in financial sector development
The privatisation of governance
Just a few years ago, there were strict rules about who was allowed to provide which services in what countries, with national governments [...]
The new nexus: digital governance, digital financial services and the SDGs
What is the New Nexus Initiative?  Cenfri, with support from GIZ and in collaboration with On Think Tanks, is hosting a series of digital [...]
Partnership announcement for digital transformation in Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda, 2 June 2021: Today, the Ministry of ICT and Innovation in Rwanda, Cenfri, and the Mastercard Foundation have signed a tripartite [...]
COVID-19 catalyses insurance innovation
But in Africa, there is more at stake A key imperative identified by our deep-dive studies across four sub-Saharan African countries was [...]
Insurers: It’s about risk rather than rules
Why supervising risk, rather than rules, matters when developing insurance markets A series of recent deep-dive studies across Nigeria, Kenya, [...]
Eswatini’s National Payment System Vision 2025
Eswatini’s journey towards revolutionising its payments system  The new National Payment System (NPS) strategy framework (2021–2025) for [...]
Rethinking governance in a digital age
WIRED: Social media CEOs hearing can't defend their business model When Clive Humby (while advising UK retailer Tesco on the use of data in their [...]
Insurers and capital market development
What can be done to unlock the role of insurers in developing African capital markets?  Shortly after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, local [...]
Platforms for employment
Leveraging digital labour platforms to provide jobs for graduates in Nigeria Nigeria faces a huge challenge of unemployment, with 27% of the [...]
From product provider to trusted risk advisor
Unlocking the SME insurance market through a holistic approach to building resilience. I recently moved into an apartment above a popular Cape [...]