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Raimund Snyders

Raimund is a Partner at Leapfrog Investments who brings to bear his experience as one of the most seasoned insurance leaders on the African continent. He joined LeapFrog from Old Mutual Group where as CEO of Mutual & Federal, the 185 year old insurer, he led a turnaround of the company as part of the Old Mutual Group’s strategy to establish itself as a leading financial services group across the African continent. Under his leadership, Mutual & Federal was rebranded to become Old Mutual Insure.

Prior to this Raimund served in executive leadership positions in the Old Mutual Group, leading large multi-disciplinary teams in areas of business such as distribution, bancassurance, investments and wealth management. Key positions included: COO and Head of Distribution for Old Mutual’s African operations; Executive General Manager, Old Mutual Life Assurance Co (South Africa); CEO, Old Mutual Life Assurance Co (Namibia); Managing Director, Old Mutual Investment Services.

His experience in the insurance industry in Africa is both vast and deep. Over his career, Raimund has led organic and inorganic expansion, sales, marketing, product development, distribution, bancassurance, investment and wealth management – with responsibilities across retail, institutional and enterprise functions cultivated during a 27+ year career with Old Mutual.

  • Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Laws from Stellenbosch University
  • Executive Leadership qualifications from the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town, and Harvard Business School
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