A-trader: Promoting investment and savings with robo-advisor services

A-trader: Promoting investment and savings with robo-advisor services

November 8, 2018    
A case study on DataHack4FI Innovation Award winner for Tanzania 

A-trader seeks to assist fellow Tanzanians in reaching their financial and investment goals. It seeks to do this by breaking down the barriers faced by these individuals in accessing investment opportunities.

Its flagship product, the A-trader Digital Platform, allows beginner and experienced stock market traders to invest through their app, using the internet and a mobile device. A-trader provides users with direct access to the stock market and financial planning tools.

The challenge being addressed

There is lack of awareness of investment opportunities for the African population at large. This is particularly true in Ghana and Tanzania, where more than half the population report having some form of savings but are unable to invest and further grow these savings. [1]

The stock market provides an accessible, but relatively unfamiliar space for individuals to easily accumulate their long-term savings. Read the full case study to see how A-trader sought to innovate its data collection processes and recommendations algorithm to provide users with a more personalised trading experience.

[1] FinScope Tanzania. (2017). Available at: http://i2ifacility.org/data-portal/TZA/2017

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