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Kate Rinehart

Since joining Cenfri in 2016, Kate has been involved in projects spanning several thematic areas, including:

  • The potential of insurance to contribute to inclusive growth
  • The use of data in financial service providers’ decision-making
  • Using data to inform rural agent management strategies
  • Behavioural interventions that advance financial inclusion
  • DataHack4FI
  • What drives consumers to use financial services

Prior to Cenfri, Kate worked as a programme coordinator for Truelift, a global trust mark that signifies commitment to enduring change for people affected by poverty. Before that, she helped design and launch a pilot study on child trafficking with Seva Mandir and Child Fund in Udaipur, India; and she worked on a mobile health technology project in Haiti, with the University of Texas Health Centre.

  • Bachelor of Arts in international studies (with a focus on Africa), Southern Methodist University
  • Master’s in development studies, University of Cape Town

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