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Nigel Bowman

Nigel is a highly experienced actuary and insurance professional. Prior to joining Inclusivity Solutions, he ran an independent actuarial consultancy where he provided strategic advice, business case development, financial modelling, and product development services to life insurance companies operating in the emerging insurance markets of sub-Saharan Africa. He consults extensively with Cenfri on insurance-related projects

In his 18 years in the industry, Nigel has held several influential positions in some of South Africa’s largest life insurance companies, most notably spending seven years heading the product function for Metropolitan International’s expansion within Africa.

Nigel is a qualified actuary (Fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa). He is currently Chair of the International Actuarial Association’s Microinsurance Working Group.

  • Bachelor of Commerce degree, University of Stellenbosch 
  • Bachelor of Commers, Actuarial Science (Hons), University of Stellenbosch 
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